The Heckstetter Family          Jacob and Zachary
     Here are some family pictures from the past and the present.
My Family in the  1970's        The Dyonzak's
This is my family taken somewhere in the late 1970's.   My great grandmother, grandmother, her brothers and my grandfather with my aunt and uncle.
Tony, Joe, and Gene.        My dad and his brother.
My grandfather and his brother in laws.   Uncle Gene and my dad at Christmas 1952.
Grandpa Heckstetter        Grandpa Heckstetter
Grandpa Heckstetter's childhood school picture.   Grandpa Heckstetter working at his security job during World War II.
Siblings        Car in 1959
Aunt Joan, Uncle Gene, and My Dad.   My Dad and Uncle Gene on their new car in June of 1959.
My Family        Danny in 1973
This is my family taken in November 2011.   Danny Heckstetter in 1973.
Jeny and Danny Heckstetter    Jeny and Danny at the Zoo
Jeny and Danny Heckstetter in the mid 1970's.   Jeny and Danny at the St. Louis Zoo on a outing with our grandpa.