The Heckstetter Family          Jacob and Zachary

     Like I said on the home page I am Danny Heckstetter and I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Born in 1973 and I have an older sister, Jeny, that was born a few years before me. I had the typical suburban childhood, nothing special. I attended Catholic grade and high schools then onto community college. I worked for the local amusement park and met many great friends including my wife. My reckless side brought me to a three year tour in Orlando, Florida where I worked for the Walt Disney World Company. In my time in Florida I matured tremendously and learned about what meant most to me, family and close friends.

     My experience with computers and technology begins with a family purchase of 80386 PC in the late 1980ís. I was the family member that was tasked with support of the system through software and hardware maintenance. Since then I have been the person extended family and friends come to for information and advice when they need advice on purchasing or support on any device they need assistance with.

     Personally, I enjoy building and playing with computers and servers. I maintain several production servers that store family files, photos, and videos. I am not formally educated in the IT field but I have studied and certified myself I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on the retired Windows NT platform and A+ Certified.

     Professionally, I have worked solely in IT for over eleven years. Starting with basic end-user support of a mid-sized accounting firm to today where I provide end-user support for several large distribution centers, corporate offices, and two large call centers. In my current role I support desktops, peripherals, printers, network devices, and server equipment. Throughout my day I can go from replacing workstations to assisting centralized teams servicing server and network equipment. Locally I support two distribution centers, a corporate branch office and several field salespeople.

     Away from computers I really enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys, Jacob and Zachary. The time spent with them is the most worthwhile moments in my life. Watching the two boys grow and develop is truly amazing to me. While playing with my family I get to develop a creative outlet through photography. Photography has been in my motherís family for generations and it is something that I enjoy exploring. All of the modern photographs have been taken by myself and are something I enjoy seeing the results of my photography.

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